Posted on: June 13, 2017

Summer Traffic Advisory

Each year the Jefferson County Public Works Road Maintenance Department resurfaces

roadways throughout the county. Chipsealing, an application of asphalt followed with an

aggregate rock (chips) cover, is done on a seven to ten year cycle depending on the surface

wear of the road. Chipsealing is done in several stages. The first step is to clean and patch the

road surface and to correct any surface deficiencies (pre-leveling). Hot liquid asphalt is then

applied to one lane, covered with rock, rolled to set the rock, (chipsealing) and once the road

surface has cured, the excess rocks are swept clear. Depending on the weather and scheduling,

the procedure may take several months.

Drivers may experience temporary delays during the process. Drivers should reduce their

vehicle speed when they encounter the “Fresh Oil” or Loose Gravel” signs to reduce the

amount of oil or rock which can be kicked up. Roads may be reduced to one lane during the

resurfacing project, but it is doubtful any road will be closed completely.

The following roads are planned to be resurfaced during the summer’s (July through

September) construction season weather permitting.


Morgan Lane

Mustang Lane 

Arabian Drive

Shetland Lane

Pinto Lane

Appoloosa Drive 

Appoloosa Place

Welsch Lane 

Belgian Drive. 

Morocco Place 

Rocky Brook 

Palomino Lane


E. Quilcene Road M.P. 1.83 to 4.43

McDonald Road

Lords Lake Loop Road M.P. 0.00 to 3.43
Snow Creek Road M.P. 0.00 to 1.44

Munn Road

Boulton Road


W. Uncas Road 

Fairmount Road

Store Road 

Fairmount Hill Road

E. Uncas N. 

Casselary Road


Oak Bay Road M.P. 2.10 to 2.24

Olympic Blvd

Vancouver Lane

Bayview Lane

Irondale Road M.P. 0.00 to 0.83

As the season progresses Jefferson County may add roads to the list. For more information

about this process, please call 360-385-0890.