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P.O. Box 1220
Port Townsend,
WA 98368

IS: 360.385.9171
GIS: 360.385.9148
Facilities: 360.385.9165

County Shop: 360.385.0890
Fax: 360.385.9195

Monday - Friday
8:30 to 4:30



Planning Area Number & Name Estimated Population
1 Port Townsend 8,334
2 Quimper 2,687
2A Glen Cove 325
3 Marrowstone 837
4 Tri-Area (Includes UGA) 4,606
5 Discovery Bay 671
5A Gardiner 339
6 Central 1,351
7 Ludlow (Includes MPR) 1,441
7A Ludlow North 515
8 Paradise Bay 537
8A Shine 460
8B Thorndyke 300
9 Coyle 256
9A Toandos North 202
10 Quilcene 1,105
10A Leland 147
11 Brinnon 1,197
12 West End 945
Indian Island* 44

Process: The GIS was used to summarize 2000 census block population figures by planning areas.  The population of blocks split by planning area boundaries was apportioned based on the area falling within each planning area.  For instance, if a block with 100 people was split in half by a boundary, 50 people were allocated to each planning area.  Processing details are listed in the next paragraph.

The county planning area GIS layer was modified to include the entire county including saltwater areas*.  It was also adjusted so the Port Townsend planning area matched the geometry of the Port Townsend census blocks as shown in the TIGER files.  The area of each census block was  calculated in the 2000 census block GIS data.  The planning area layer and the census block layer were then unioned into one GIS layer and the area of each resulting polygon  calculated into a new area field.  The new area was divided by the original area to get a ratio ranging from zero to one.  A ratio of one indicates that the census block fell completely within a planning area and was not split by a boundary.  The original population figure was then multiplied by the ratio to get a population estimate for each polygon.  The population estimate was then summarized by planning area to get the figures listed above.

*Indian Island is not in a planning area.



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