Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District Steering Committee


  • Cammy Brown, Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Kler, Co-Chair
  • Herb Cook
  • Mike Evans
  • Doug Huber
  • Susie Learned
  • Garth McHattie
  • Jeff Randall
  • Rosemary Sikes
  • Rich Stapf
  • Mike Zimmerman


The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County, Washington have jointly commissioned a committee to research a proposal to form a Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District (MPD). The formation of the MPD requires an election of the people. Complete information about MPDs is available on the Municipal Research Services Center website.

Meeting With a Committee Member

If you or your community group has an interest in meeting with a committee member one on or in a small group, please Email Matt Tyler, Parks and Recreation Manager, or call 360-385-9129 to make arrangements.