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On June 7, 2006, as part of a 15-year celebration of the Growth Management Act, Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire awarded Jefferson County with one of six "Smart Communities Awards" for "Supporting Agriculture while Protecting Fish and Wildlife Habitat."
  • Press Release: Governor Awards Jefferson County June 8, 2006


The County and the Conservation District hosted a meeting on March 17, 2005 at the Quilcene Community Center on the development of an agriculture "best management practices" (BMPs) plan. Here is the announcement. The Ag BMP Plan will be based on work already completed for the Chimacum basin.
  • Chimacum Ag BMP Plan Final Draft January 11, 2005
View more information on the Basin-by-Basin Ag Best Management Practices planning process.


The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted Ordinance Number 15-1213-04 on December 13, 2004, thereby designating 220 parcels of real property as Agricultural Lands of Local Importance on the map of Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations.

The Ordinance linked above includes a list of the 220 parcels organized alphabetically by property owner last name and East and West Jefferson County maps of the designated parcels.

The map of Comprehensive Plan Agricultural Land Use Designations has been updated pursuant to Ordinance Number 15-1213-04.

2004 Docket Integrated Staff Report

DCD released its 2004 Docket Integrated Staff Report and SEPA Addendum on September 22, thereby initiating a formal comment period. The report includes the list of parcels under consideration for Agricultural Lands designation and the recommendation of the Planning Commission Agricultural Lands Committee. See the 2004 Re-Designation Process section below for background information and links to associated webpages.


The Planning Commission finalized its recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on November 3, 2004 regarding MLA04-27, the potential designation of Agricultural Lands of Local Importance. The Planning Commission and staff jointly recommend designation for 220 parcels.
  • List of 220 parcels recommended for Ag Lands designation
  • List of parcels either already designated Ag Lands or recommended against Ag Lands designation
  • East Jefferson County map of prospective Ag Lands parcels (1.3MB) November 22, 2004
  • West Jefferson County map of prospective Ag Lands parcels November 22, 2004
For more information on the Planning Commission recommendation and the process by which it was reached, see the formal memorandum addressed to the BOCC posted under the "Documents" section on the 2004 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cycle page. Included on the 2004 Amendment Cycle page is information about a public hearing before the BOCC on December 6 concerning this proposal and others on the 2004 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.

Unified Development Code Amendments

Previously, the BOCC unanimously approved an ordinance on May 19, 2004 that amends the Unified Development Code to establish regulations for Agricultural Activities and Accessory Uses. See Ag Activities and Accessory Uses for more information.