Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan

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Your Voice, Your Vision, Your Future

Jefferson County is updating its Comprehensive Plan to create a plan for the 21st Century that supports rural lifestyles, welcomes residents of all ages and incomes, embraces diversity, values quality services and facilities, and balances growth and economic development with respect for the natural world. The Plan Update is also designed to meet periodic update requirements consistent with the Growth Management Act.

The Comprehensive Plan Update will include amended plan goals and policies that will guide development, capital investments, and other decisions. 

To view the staff report for the proposed Comp Plan and UDC click HERE.

To view the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan click HERE.

The County is proposing focused changes to its Unified Development Code now, but other codes would be developed over time.

To view the proposed changes to the Unified Development Code click HERE.

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Planning Commission Updated Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement

Between February 2017 and February 2018, the Planning Commission worked on an updated Vision Statement for the Comprehensive Plan update. To view the Planning Commission's approved final Vision Statement for the draft updated Comp Plan click HERE.

 Adopted Comp Plan...