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Jefferson County's Department of Community Development is your "one-stop shop" for all building and code enforcement, building and land use (development review) concerns and long range planning

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We are here to help you! Most people find their way to us so that they can look up information on a property or regulation. 

Here are our most frequently used tools for researching a property you are interested in:

  • Maps & GIS: This is the page that let's you access our mapping software. It allows you to look at your property from an aerial point of view and then "drill down" to more specific information, like deed and sales information on the Assessor's website. Need a place to start? The Land Records Mapping Application is your best bet.
  • Laserfiche: This is our archival records management software. Files we place in there are intended for public viewing and archiving. It's full of all sorts of good stuff. We keep the link to Laserfiche on our Public Documents page.
  • Permit Database Search Tool: Have questions about what permits have been issued for the property you are researching? This is the place to start.

Click HERE to view our most frequently asked questions.

Hot Topics


Brinnon - Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort (MPR)

In 2008, when the County originally designated a master planned resort at this location in Brinnon, it passed Ordinance 01-0128-08, which has thirty specific conditions that development of the Pleasant Harbor MPR must meet. The proposed Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort (MPR) development agreement is now available in draft for public review. The draft development agreement is for an agreement between the Pleasant Harbor MPR developer and Jefferson County on how the resort development and operation will proceed over the term of the agreement—25 years or 5 years after buildout, whichever is longer. Proposed zoning regulations for the Pleasant Harbor MPR were developed for future consideration by the Board of County Commissioners. These and more information are available for public review. Click HERE  for more information.

Jefferson County Comprehensive

Plan &
Unified Development Code Updates

The Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan is a decision-making tool for officials and citizens in guiding future growth and development in Jefferson County on a 20-year planning horizon. It provides the community vision, goals and policy basis for the regulatory requirements of the Jefferson County Code, including Title 18 the Unified Development Code, as well as capital facilities improvements, and other County endeavors. Jefferson County Department of Community Development is in the process of updating land use regulations and comprehensive plan goals and policies.
The main Comprehensive Plan page contains a list of adopted ordinances that have amended the Comprehensive Plan since adoption in 1998 and corresponding replacement pages for those who have printed copies of the Comprehensive Plan. Learn more and provide feedback about the Comprehensive Plan.

Please visit these pages for information on our progress:

DCD will be presenting those sections of the draft Critical Areas Ordinance that pertains to agriculture at a workshop at the Chimacum Grange on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 6:30 PM. Click HERE to view the summary sheet and the proposed rules.

FEMA Floodplain Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued preliminary maps showing revisions to the 100-year floodplain, which has a 1% chance of flooding in any year. FEMA has released preliminary maps for flood areas along coastal, marine waters and freshwater rivers, streams and lakes of Jefferson County. These maps will help community officials and local residents identify flood risks and when adopted, will be used for flood insurance, land use and development decisions.

For more information and to view the preliminary maps, please visit our FEMA page.

Fred Hill Materials Proposals in the Shine-Thorndyke Area

The County established a 690-acre Mineral Resource Land (MRL) overlay in the Shine-Thorndyke area as part of the 2002 Comprehensive Plan amendment cycle. Applications were submitted in 2003 for mineral extraction in the Wahl area of the newly designated MRL and for a "Pit-to-Pier" proposal involving marine transportation of mineral resources from Shine Pit via Hood Canal.

Recreational Marijuana

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Bummer! But like we said, we are here to help! If you still have questions that our website hasn't answered we'd love to be of assistance. For rules and regulations, give us a call. For land use questions, it will probably be best to just come see us or email us! We set up a coaching service for you called the Customer Assistance Meeting which will give you direct consultation with our planning and building staff. When you fill out our form and bring it in or email it, we'll give you 15 minutes of research time for free! No appointment is necessary, but you will want to note our walk-in times on the page dedicated to telling you all about the CAM process. Details about our pricing can be found there, too.

2017 Port Townsend Leader Home & Garden

Check it out, it's a great reference tool with building guidelines and contacts for both the County and the City.